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The following individuals have been kind enough to provide us with their testimonies to share with you. Please respect their privacy by not contacting them to ask additional questions regarding our programs. Thank You.

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Discover How I Lost 93 Ibs. In 11 Months!

My name is Bonnie M. and I live with my husband in Streator, Illinois.

Read My StoryBonnie Before

I was really feeling horrible about myself on the inside, but I always acted jolly on the outside. I was out of breath with any exertion, and I was wearing clothes to try to hide my extra poundage. My knees hurt all the time. I was just plain miserable. I told myself I'm the same person no matter how much I weigh, but that little sentence wasn't working for me anymore.

Time to make a change...
I knew I would be in trouble if I didn't do something about my weight soon. When I got down on the floor to play with my grandkids, I would have to hold on to
something to get up again because my knees hurt me so much. I thought I had a bad case of arthritis until I let go of the weight.

I was a carbohydrate addict; I've been yo-yo dieting for years. I have tried every diet on Earth. There were only two things I had not yet tried - hypnosis or surgery. I hated the way I looked and felt and I didn't want to buy any more large sizes with an 'X' behind it.

The Solution...
My husband was concerned about my health. I saw an ad in the paper in February 2005. We chose for me to try hypnosis. I called and scheduled my free screening. Then I made an appointment for hypnosis on my birthday March 2,2005.

Amazing Results...
I always used to have many excuses to eat, to over eat. Now my natural appetite is telling Bonnie Afterme when I'm satisfied instead of my emotions ruling me and letting me stuff myself way beyond full.

The hypnotist has helped me face reality. Holidays, parties and dining out are a fact of life. Now I'm choosing to eat healthy no matter what the occasion, and that really has been the key for me.

And this time I have finally gotten rid of all the various sizes in my closet (14 thru 22) for the very first time in my adult life. In the past I kept them around just in case I might need them again. Not anymore! I am a 10/12 and that is where I am staying. It is so much fun to go shopping now and it is so satisfying to be able to wear the latest fashions. I couldn't claim that for myself at a size 22. No more dressing or feeling frumpy and goodbye to pants with elastic waistbands.

Health Benefits...
I recently had a health screening with lab work and my results were all within the healthy range. This year I'm celebrating health, my new found self-confidence and the tremendous increase in my energy level.

So easy to do...

I love the program and I feel so much better than I did just one short year ago. With self-hypnosis I feel confident that my natural appetite will be in control instead of my emotions for the long haul.

Free Screening...
I love the results I've gotten, and so will you. Just pick up the phone and make an appointment for a free screening. You'll be glad you took this simple action as your first step to achieving your own personal weight loss and health goals.

November 14, 2005

I am 51 years old and have been on one diet or another most of my adult life, obviously without much long term success.

I have always been an emotional eater and when I am bored or depressed that is the first thing I do. I knew I needed to do something. The next morning I picked up the paper and the ad was in again. I read through it and decided it was a free screening, what did I have to lose?

I have lost 33 pounds and gone from a size 18 to a size 12. I exercise daily (and enjoy it!). I find that I am sleeping better and have more energy. I get up in the morning feeling more rested and ready for the day.

The sessions are very relaxing and calming. I am positive that I have found the program that I can finally get my extra weight off with and keep it off.

The best part is that it is not a diet! It teaches you to eat less and not use food to solve your problems. I don't think about food all the time and what I can't have. I want to exercise and like the way it makes me feel! I wish I would have found hypnosis a long time ago. So if you have struggled with weight like I have, try it! You won't regret it.

Cindy H.
Bloomington , IL

June 2006


I love food! Period, I make no apologies for it. I've been on every diet and weight plan created, plus I also added weight loss pills. I believed every thing the ads would say and these plans and pills would do. Most never ever came close to the expectations I'd built up in my head they would do. If I did lose some weight, after I quit taking or doing what I was supposed to do
I'd gain it all back and more.

I'm a very emotional person and I'd always been an emotional eater. If things went bad I'd eat, so If I was happy or sad I'd eat. Pretty much if the sun would shine and even if it wouldn't I'd eat.

I hated what my eating and weight ups and downs had done to my mental attitude. I was always a bubbly person on the outside but on the inside I was lonely and depressed a lot of the time. No one knows what goes on inside of a heavy persons mind.

So all my life I've been up and down on the scale. I'd always blame the "miracle pill" that didn't work when deep down I knew it was me. My fault.. I just couldn't eat" diet" food one more day. I never had the will power to maintain even a lOlb loss for very long. I knew I had the knowledge and the tools to lose but I needed that push. That little extra bit of confidence in myself
to do it. I have had a thyroid condition for years, so I thought that was a lot of my problem too! I've just never been able to lose weight.

Then, I saw the ad for the hypnosis. Well yes, I've done that twice too, and I lost a little but the weight came back. I read the ads, thought about it and that I should call, but never did and finally after seeing the ad again a couple of times. I decided to call and I did.

When I called to make my appointment they were very friendly, when I went to my appointment the Debbie_Afteratmosphere was very pleasant. They made me feel very relaxed. They explained everything and, answered all my questions. It made me feel good. I felt when I left that they would help me. When I left the office I felt like I had new hope for a new me.

I did everything they told me to do, I practiced my self-hypnosis. I've never ever felt like I had control over my eating till now!! Food used to control me. I lived for food. I had no control over my eating. But that's all changed now. I'm in total control of my eating! I choose what I eat. Oh I still love food.

I could not have done this on my own. The hypnosis sessions changed my feeling and desire. If I could of, I'd of done it long before now. I even lost weight over the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In April I was on vacation and I lost 21bs then too! On vacation I was amazed! I eat, I eat a lot, but I make healthy choices now, I know this will be a life time change for me. I've never felt this strong about my weight as I do now.

There's no special "foods" or diet to follow, all of a sudden it hits you, and you realize I'm eating healthy and making the right choices. It feels great!

I believe in myself and know I can do this from now on, but I do believe I'd never been able to do this without the professional help and encouragement ofP.M.H.C. Food tastes great to me but, nothing tastes as good as being thin. I've let go of 501bs and I've gone from a tight size 20 pants to my size 14 "skinny jeans."

Food never tastes as good as getting into a pair of your favorite skinny jeans. Call now, don't wait like I did. I know you'll never regret it.

Debbie C.
Chenoa, IL


Halcomb_BeforeJuly, 2006

We are Richard and Jayme H. from Lincoln, IL. Together we have lost 164 pounds (Richard 100 and Jayne 64) in 12 months thanks to Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic.

We have been overweight for 20+ years, trying different diets, fads, programs - losing weight, just to put it back on (plus more). Both of us had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We knew it was time to seriously commit to losing weight for our health!

We saw the ads in the paper for Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic for a few months and talked about it, but never did anything. The start of the year 2006 we decided to go for our free consultation. The best decision we ever made!

Halcombs_afterThis program has been a huge success for us. The hypnosis helped with the most difficult obstacles with any dieting - the elimination of cravings and hinging. We believe in this program and recommend it to anyone serious about losing weight. The self-hypnosis taught us how to mentally achieve our goal and to believe in our success and ourselves. It is very educational. We learned
about foods, not just what to avoid, but why to avoid it. We learned what foods were nutritional and for what reason. We learned the importance of a proper diet and the benefits. Doing this together as a "team" has been wonderful and very rewarding for us both. We eat the same healthy foods, exercise together and are an inspiration and motivator for each other. We eat less and are completely satisfied. We exercise more and have the energy to enjoy it. Our blood pressure and cholesterol are down and our health has Improved greatly. Our deepest and most heartfelt thanks to the staff at Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic.

If you care about your own health and happiness. We strongly suggest calling for free hypnosis screening. There is nothing better in the world than feeling and looking good. If hypnosis worked for us than it will work for you. So call for your free hypnosis screening and take control of your life.

April 25, 2005

I am a 38 year old woman with five children. All of you with kids realize how much they physically take out of you and how hard it is to get back to that shape that you like for yourself. Well, I had all but given up; I have tried so many different diets, and of course some did a little but never did I succeed at getting to the goal weight I see for myself. Well, I have been going to the hypnosis clinic for 5 weeks and it is truly amazing. I lost 11 pounds the very first week just because I quit drinking soda - and I didn’t even miss it. It was after my first visit - the taste for it was just gone, and it was so weird. I went into the office already thinking it wouldn’t work, since nothing else had, and it floored me ‘cause it did work. It has worked in an amazing way since.

Since I have been going to the hypnosis clinic, I lost two pants sizes and 28 pounds in just 4 weeks. I don’t eat the sweets anymore; I have started exercising and finding the time to. I would just tell myself that after the kids are a little older I will get back into shape and now they are 14, 13, 8, 5, and 2 and my body was still waiting and I am not getting any younger. Now I am starting to have more energy and I can actually enjoy my kids; my stress level has dropped drastically and I am starting to love myself again. I am so thrilled I am telling everyone I know.

I know it is hard to imagine that hypnosis actually works; I was the same way but I feel like a computer whose thoughts were just in the wrong order and now I have been re-configured the right way. I eat right, so now my children are also eating right and they even feel better too. I exercise with the kids and they just love it. I even bought myself a bike so I could bike with them instead of just sitting down and doing the bills or watching TV while they enjoy this beautiful spring weather. My children also see the difference in how much I am starting to love myself and I have renewed self-esteem and I seriously think it is influencing them to have better self-esteem too.

I am local and I have very active kids in the community and now I feel better taking them and being involved too. The best part is I can actually see myself in that size 8 that I used to be in and I know I am going to achieve it and soon.

Lori H.
Lake in the Hills, IL

When I started going to the Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic, I was always stressed out. That meant that the whole family was stressed out. Going to Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic helped me learn to manage my stress. I learned how to take myself out of stressful places. By managing my stress I then could also manage my weight.

I now love to eat fresh fruit and veggies; I no longer want to eat fatty foods and snack on unhealthy foods. I enjoy working out. It gives me lots of energy. I have went from a size 16 to a size 8 in 8 weeks. I never go hungry because this is not a diet; it’s a way of life. You feel great about yourself.

When I started going to the Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic I did not like myself, not the way I looked or anything about myself. As of today I can say I like myself again. I’m happy again for the first time in years.

Thanks to the Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic, I now have a better relationship with my husband of twenty years. And I now can enjoy life one day at a time, not stressed out over what I could not control.

Mary F.
Johnsburg, IL

May 11,2006

I first heard about Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic by flipping tkru the newspaper. After reading about it I tkought tkat I kad to try it. After all I have tried everytking else such as starving, skipping meals, weight watchers, atkins, pills, water weight pills, laxatives etc.— After meeting with Cheryl for my first session, I knew this was for me. After each session I Just can't wait to hear what suggestions my brain will absorb the next time. I practice my self hypnosis disc at least once a day. Since I have started 6 weeks ago I have lost 20 lbs. My energy levels are higher my happiness and concentration is 100% better. My husband pays more attention to me. It feels so good to have people come up to me and tell me that I look great. I feel confident and pretty. I now know food is not the answer to anything accept for hunger. I am not a couch potato anymore. My days are more organized. I have fun when I exercise.

Jessica Adams
Lake in the Hills, IL


April 1,2006

Early in 2003,1 learned that my high school class of 1953 was planning a 50th reunion in the fall. My weight at that time was between 315-320 lbs., and I had no intention of changing that even through I felt fat and looked the same in my business attire.

I decided immediately that I was not going to go to the reunion in that condition. My mind set changed and now I wanted to lose weight and I did. I wanted it so badly I dropped down to 255 at reunion time and felt much better, but was still overweight. After the reunion it was two more years of pigging out and not caring, I was back up to 290lbs. Again, I felt and looked bad.

In the fall of 2005 I noticed the ads for the Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic and began reading them in detail. I went on a golfing vacation and told most of the people I visited with I was going to try this place to lose weight. I called and booked a screening interview when I got back. It sounded good but I was a bit skeptical. I had my first session two days prior to Thanksgiving. Knowing how I usually overeat at that dinner I was taking a chance.

At the table, I announced what I had started. My family agreed it was a good idea. In my mind I wanted to be slim again and I knew what I must do and did it. The Hypnosis Clinic gave me THE WANT TO attitude back. I lost 43 Ibs. using hypnosis. As a salesman all my life I was taught that anything wanted is attainable. If you want it bad enough, and I do. Remembering what they told me was easy and I did it. The key here is I WANTED TO BE SLIMMER AGAIN and I set the goal of going from 290 to 237, a loss of 53 Ibs., I was 237 thirty years ago. I'm almost there! Last year I had to buy new life insurance. For the first time in my life I actually felt mortal. In talking with my insurance agent recently, I mentioned my weight loss program and found that when I reach my goal and keep it for a year, two things occur, my insurance premium drops and I probably will live longer.

Robert Z.
Crystal Lake, IL

Discover how I LOST 27 POUNDS of agonizing fat. My name is Denise A. of Normal, IL and I have taken control of my eating!!

I have struggled with my weight all my life - I was addicted to sweets, junk foods, and fast foods. I could not get through a day without some type of cookie, cake, doughnut, or fast food. My weight has went up and down like a yo-yo over the past several years. I have a very stressful and demanding job and after work it was just easier to eat fast food than have to think about cooking dinner - I was just too tired.I knew I had to do something soon but diets just don’t work because all I do is think about food. I had tried everything from powders, patches to every diet pill of the TV or on the store shelves only to fail, fail, and fail again. I was getting discouraged and began to think that I would never get rid of this unwanted weight.

I saw an ad in the paper for Personal Motivation Hypnosis; I read it over and over and over again and finally ended up throwing the article out thinking it was just going to be yet another let down. Besides, I had never known anyone that had ever been hypnotized for weight loss. A few months later, I saw another ad and kept reading it. I finally decided what the heck, it’s a free screening - what do I have to lose?

After my first session with hypnosis I felt an amazing transformation. I no longer craved the foods I had always lived for. My eating habits have totally changed and I only eat healthy foods. I have more energy than I ever have and work out several times a week walking, jogging, and muscle toning. The weekly visits were great and they encouraged me all the way - I always left with the attitude that I will achieve my goal!! The self-hypnosis that I do everyday helps to keep me focused on my goals and keeps me on track. It has also helped me to sleep better at night than I ever have.

After the first 9 weeks, I lost an amazing 27 pounds and feel like a new person. I can’t believe it when I look in the mirror and see the amazing results. I still have another 8 pounds to go, but I have no doubt in my mind that I will achieve this goal.

I give my heartfelt thanks to Personal Motivation for the wonderful success that I have achieved; I could not have done this without their help. This has been the easiest weight loss program that I have ever been on with very little effort on my part I wasn’t starving all the time. I would highly recommend Personal Motivation to anyone that feels that they have tried everything - you haven’t until you have made the call for this. I thank them everyday for my new way of life and helping me to take control of my eating. Thanks again.

If I can do it, you can too. Call now for a free hypnosis screening.

I've lost 14 pounds after just 5 sessions over a 6-week period of time. I have changed in the proportions of food I have been eating, have curbed my stress eating, made time for myself and find I handle situations with a little more ease.

I still need to lose some pounds for health reasons but feel more confident in myself to do so without a “diet”. The relaxation technique has allowed me to provide myself with some needed “down time” most days. Every time I return to the Personal Motivation Program, it energizes me to get back and keep on track toward my goal(s).

Jim M.
El Paso, IL.

Would like to thank you for the help that you have given me with weight control and appetite control. I would never think it possible to walk away from cookies or candy. I still have candy from Halloween that is usually gone by November 1st. I have lost about 15 lbs without the thought of dieting which used to be on my mind at all times. I have tried to watch what I eat in the past but usually lost control by noon on the first day, I have found clothes to fit better and have put on pants that didn't fit for a few years.  The best part is that the weight loss seems to be very natural and at a very even pace over the last 6 weeks. I have found that I can eat hot fudge sundaes without starting cravings for the rest of the day or week: this is truly amazing as that has never appened before. I can now eat a cookie without worrying about eating the whole plate full the same day.

Thank you very much,

Bill T.
Crystal Lake, IL

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