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The following individuals have been kind enough to provide us with their testimonies to share with you. Please respect their privacy by not contacting them to ask additional questions regarding our programs. Thank You.

Edna Varnardo was a slave to cigarettes for 48 years. Edna used Hypnosis Stop Smoking Programs from William Mitchell and the Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic.

"I can't get a cigarette into my mouth" "I don't have to smoke anymore"

I was skeptical at first that hypnosis would help me in my “Quit Smoking” journey.  However, from my first appointment with Mr. Mitchell, I felt comfortable and at ease in the company of a true professional.  Hypnosis has eased the anxiety I’ve experienced at earlier attempts to quit smoking.  By getting to know me and my smoking triggers, Mr. Mitchell was able to customize my hypnosis to address my unique triggers.  I would recommend this approach to anyone wanting to quit and stay smoke free.  Thank you Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic!  I Feel Great!



St. Charles, MO




I needed to quit smoking for health reasons, plus I wanted to.  William Mitchell helped me with hypnosis for the smoking.  I came in July and haven’t smoked since and it’s now August 29.

Mary Ann

St. Charles, MO


On January 3 I was hypnotized for tobacco cessation.  I was very skeptical at first, but I had seen the first hand results from my brother in law who lost a lot of weight through this process.  So at 1130 I went in sat in the chair and was hypnotized.  It was not anything like I thought it would be.  I was basically just put into a more relaxed state than I had ever been in before.  Doctor Mitchell gave me the suggestions for quitting chewing tobacco.  I had try to quit several times in the past without success.  I went home that night and still had some physical withdrawal symptoms but nothing like what I was accustomed to having.  I was told by my wife that I was not unpleasant or grouchy like I had been in the past from trying to quit.  I took it one day at a time and listened to the CD Doctor Mitchell provided me with every night.  Each, day it was a little easier.  By the time I had my second visit a week later I had not had any chew and it was easy to stay quit with the second session.  I went two weeks with no chew and very few thoughts of chewing and decided to move into weight loss. 

I started out at 265LBS and I now weigh 225LBS.  It has been only two months.  I started by simply eating less than I used to.  He gives you the power to turn off your appetite and to really control how much you are eating.  The second and third sessions were reinforcements on portion control and exercise motivation.  I was amazed at how quickly I was losing weight and how much better I felt because of it.  I no longer drink soda and I find it much easier to stop eating when I want to.  I don’t snack after supper anymore.  I don’t eat at fast food restaurants,  he helped me see how easy it is to live a healthier lifestyle. 

               I would highly recommend personal hypnosis clinic to anyone serious about quitting smoking,  losing weight, or just wants to take the stress out of your life.  He has helped me lose 40LBS in two months and quit chewing tobacco at the same time.  I chewed two cans a day.


Jacob Weiss



I have been a smoker for about 10 years. I smoked about a pack to a pack and a half a day. After the first hypnosis session, I threw my pack of cigarettes out. I was around some friends that were smoking that night and I did not crave a cigarette. I drank a few beers that night as well, and didn't even crave a cigarette. Also, in the three sessions I had, I also had a big increase in self-confidence and more motivation to run. I would recommend this to anyone looking to quit smoking.

Patrick L.
Springfield, IL

Since the first session in my Stop-Smoking program, March 31, 2006,I have been smoke free!

I had smoked more than a pack a day for over 25 years. Now for two months I have not even wanted a cigarette!

This is the best way to quit—no drugs!!!

Angela S.
Keysport, IL

I was a smoker for 14 years. I had tried numerous methods to quit smoking. Even if I was able to quit for periods of time, the craving for cigarettes stayed with me. I felt guilty for failing in my attempts to quit. After one session of hypnosis I am now smoke-free. The cravings no longer plague me. I feel motivated and proud of my success. Being around cigarette smoke does not bother or tempt me.

I have finally achieved my goal with the help of hypnosis. It is truly amazing and I would highly recommend Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic.

Sylvia S.
Virginia, Illinois

Smoke Free and Happy!

I had been a smoker for 30 years. I was frustrated and knew I needed to quit. I smoked 1.5 to 2 packs of cigarettes a day. I hated that I smoked and I hated that I was addicted to something that had control of me 24/7. I couldn't bring myself to quit cold turkey.

When I saw the ad for hypnosis, I knew this was the only way I could quit. I decided to try the hypnosis and it worked the first session! If I had known that it was that easy, I would have quit years ago.

I am very pleased. I'm taking the weight loss program also. The program has helped me from gaining weight. When you quit smoking your metabolism slows down. I am now working out and on a diet.

Anita M.
Springfield, Illinois

Mary Lynn Starling Used Hypnosis to Successfully Lose Over 50 Pounds and to Quit Smoking.  William Mitchell's Personal Motivtion Hypnosis Clinic and MitchellProgram.com

I smoked a pack of cigarettes per day for over 45 years. I attended smoking cessation classes, used nicotine gum and other “stop smoking” products, all to no avail. I have remained smoke-free for over 18 months after just one session with hypnosis. It is nothing short of miraculous.

John G.
Algonquin, IL

I have smoked for 35 years. I kept an ad form the newspaper for 6 months in my van, before I made the call. The reason I made the call was; I went on a 9-minute walk during my lunch hour and I couldn't breathe. It made me wonder how I was going to get back to work! A dead mouse was found under my desk at work, and I didn't even smell it. That's how much I have smoked. My Co-Workers just cannot believe that I have quit. Hopefully they will come here too.

Charlene M.
Springfield, IL

I would like to take a moment to thank you and your staff. I have been smoking for 26 years, not a part-time smoker, not a social smoker but a hard-core 2 pack plus-a-day smoker.

Over the years I’ve tried to quit on six different occasions and never lasted more than a few days. Your clinic and the very personal care of your clients is a rare find. I have now lasted virtually three weeks nicotine free. I know I could never have done this without you and your staff.
Thanks for everything.

Rob M.
Springfield, IL

I just want to thank you for your help in my success in quitting smoking. A habit I had for 40 years. I am a nurse who couldn't quit on her own. I tried nicotine gum, inhalers, nicotine patches, and zyban . Nothing worked until now. Since I have attended your clinic, I have been smoke free.

I no longer am short of breath, coughing, or smelling like smoke. I feel better and haven't had bronchitis or a cold since.

You have made me a believer.

Thank You,

Nancy F.
Moweaqua, Illinois

I have smoked for 45 years. Smoking had full control of my life. I smoked 2-2 ½ packs a day. I had to go outside and smoke at my family's when we went to visit. I smoked either outside or down in our basement, at my own home because I have two young grandchildren living with me. Since I was hypnotized now I can get through everyday with out wanting to smoke. I can also be in the same room as people smoking and do not have the urge to smoke. WOW! I don't remember how great life could be, being smoke free- after 45 years. I have control of my life back.

Jerry O.
Springfield, IL

I smoked for 20 years. I was tired all of the time and could not do physical activities. I wanted to quit smoking because I have 2 children and I wanted to have the energy to do stuff with them.

I chose hypnosis because I have tried patches, pills, etc. My father did hypnosis 30 years ago to quit and he hasn't had a cigarette since. After my first session I did not want a cigarette and still do not want one.

I am able to breathe better, I have more energy, and I feel that I am a better example to my children.

Dana M.
Decatur, IL

With Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic I have successfully quit smoking. I was a smoker for about 7 years but with one session I was able to quit just like that. The best thing about quitting was there were no more cravings and no withdrawal symptoms. I wasn’t cranky or mean and irritated and I didn’t over-eat because of quitting. My whole family and all of my friends are very proud of me.

I am much happier, I feel better, I smell better, my apartment smells better, my teeth are whiter, I’m saving a ton of money and best of all, I have more energy than I have had in a long time. I am very grateful to the entire staff at PMHC. I definitely recommend their program to anyone who is ready to better themselves and their lives by quitting smoking.

Katrina R.
Decatur, IL

I have smoked for over forty years, and although I have stopped for 6 months, 18 months, I have always returned to the nasty dirty addiction of those cancer sticks.

On Ash Wednesday I chose to come to Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic and have been pleased with the professional and helpful staff.

The staff addressed the issues which causes relapse, stress, weight gain over the 6 sessions. They instruct through tapes and hypnotism methods to cope with the replacement of the old emotional ditty habit of smoking.

I am smoke free today, no longer a victim to cigarettes, have not gained any weight, and feel pleased with my success.

Thank you Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic.

Leslie G.
Springfield, IL

As I write this I have been smoke free for 5 weeks and am working on two months. I came to Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic because I knew that I was ready to quit smoking, but was not sure if I could do it all alone.

I have been smoke free since the very first session and feel terrific. I am saving money and feeling good about myself. After smoking for 12 years I was a little skeptical that quitting could be so easy. Had I know how easy being smoke free was to achieve, I would have come here years ago. I look forward to my new life as a non-smoker.

Jill S.
O’Fallon, IL

With hypnosis it was so easy and pain free to quit!

I used to smoke a pack and a half a day. So when I decided to quit smoking, I thought I’d try hypnosis. My sister suggested I get in touch with Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic. I was hypnotized on March 19th, 2007, and I have not smoked since. This was the easiest most pain free habit I’ve ever quit. Smokers don’t bother me, I breathe easier, and I don’t smell like nasty cigarette smoke.

Connie R.
Litchfield, IL.


After trying to quit smoking on my own, and a very scary hospital stay, I decided to give Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic a try. After my very first session I discovered I didn’t even think about a cigarette. After my third session it was almost like I never smoked. Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic was so successful for my quitting smoking I am considering using it for weight loss.

Lonnie D.
Springfield, IL


I was up to a pack in a half a day. I was constantly sick. I had tried the patch and quitting cold turkey, but neither worked. I heard about hypnosis and decided to try it. Now I barely ever crave a cigarette. I feel a lot happier and healthier.

Miranda E.
Chatham, IL.

I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day and a half. I would like to thank Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic for helping me to stop smoking. I never thought that I would ever stop. I came to PMHC on February 23, 2007. I have not smoked a cigarette and I have now been free for 14 days. If anyone had told me that I would and could stop I would have said “no way!” I have stopped before, but I’ve always started back up. With PMHC its been a god sent. I just want to say that I never thought it would work for me, but It has and I am very pleased!

Delores T.
Springfield, Illinois

Edna Varnardo can't get a cigarette into her mouth anymore. After 48 years of smoking Edna says"I don't have to smoke anymore" Edna used Hypnosis Quit Smoking Smoking Programs from William Mitchell and the Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic. Mitchellprogram.com

I used to smoke a pack and a half every day, but I had my first session on February 19th and have not smoked since! I am feeling better everyday. My cough has almost gone away! I no longer plan my activities around smoking. I have been able to enjoy long leisurely meals and evenings out, without having to take time out for smoking. I am so much more relaxed. I even decided to go on a last minute business trip with my boyfriend, it involved a 14 hour drive. I was scared that this drive would trigger my need to smoke, but it didn’t! It was great. I was relaxed! We had such a great time. In fact we talked and laughed the whole drive not even a radio on, just me and him with no interruptions from the smoking or anything else! I wish I would have done this years ago!

Thank You!
Mary F.
Springfield, IL.

Now I feel better, breath better and live better!

I’m a 57 year old man who has smoked for 42 years. I smoked nearly my whole life, anywhere from 1 to 2 packs a day. Today I feel better, breath better, and live better.
May you have the same luck that I have had!

Edward L. B.
Bloomington, IL.

I was very skeptical when Mark told me that I would stop smoking probably after 1 session. I had been smoking for 45 years! I averaged over a pack and a half a day! I was a very heavy smoker. I was the type of smoker who would sacrifice my last dollar for a butt.

I was the type of smoker who would smoke even if I had pneumonia.

I was the type of smoker who believed that if I could “smoke” in hell I’d probably be okay.

So when Mark told me I could quit after one session I really did not believe him.

But I DID stop smoking. After the first session I made it to my next session without smoking. Before I knew it, I had stopped, cold turkey, for a week, then a month, then another month, etc…

This hypnosis technique provided me with the subconscious “power” I needed to confront my smoking habit.

Please, if you need to quit the smoking habit use this hypnosis technique. It truly works!

Thank You!
Tony B.
Crystal Lake, IL.

I Haven’t Smoked for
2 years with Hypnosis!

The Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic has helped me to stop smoking. After only 3 sessions of hypnosis the desire to smoke was gone. I have since become a very active runner. Without the smoking, running has become much easier and more enjoyable. I used to believe I could run and smoke and the smoking was not affecting my running performance. Only after quitting smoking did I realize how wrong I was. When I came into the clinic I was determined to rid myself of this nasty habit. I just needed to get my mind set to follow through with the hypnosis sessions. Without even trying to stop smoking, I just quit. The urge to smoke was gone. The craving was gone. The thought that smoking was enjoyable had vanished and I didn’t even realize it at first. I just quit!

Billie B.
Springfield, IL.

First, I smoked for close to 30 years.

Since I have small children, I was motivated to stop smoking. I wanted to be around for many years. Yet, I really did enjoy smoking. It was a break in my day. I smoked when I was out socially. Smoking was really a positive part of my life. One day, I saw a commercial on TV and made the call. Within a few days, I had my initial interview and was very honest about when I smoked, why I smoked and the reason for quitting.

I was somewhat skeptical about hypnosis. I had tried this many years ago. It didn’t work. Yet, I knew I needed to try something again. I quit when I was pregnant for the sake of my unborn children. Now, I needed to put my own life at the same level of importance. I had about a week to prepare. During this week, I even cut down on my smoking. Yet, I had 3 cigarettes just hours before I was hypnotized. But, I have had a cigarette since. It’s been almost four weeks.

I don’t think about cigarettes. I don’t crave them. I don’t want them. It’s almost like I really never smoked. You would think that former smoking situations would trigger a desire to smoke. Yet, I don’t smoke and don’t want to smoke.

Now, for those who say that you probably can do this, but if you drink, you’re going to smoke. You won’t. I have not changed my habits since being hypnotized. I still go to work and take breaks without smoking. I still drive my car and don’t smoke. My husband and I go out most every Friday night with our smoking friends (by the way, my husband still smokes) and I do not smoke.

I was also very concerned about gaining weight. I didn’t want to gain ANY weight. So, I have made changes here, too. I watch more closely what I eat. I really try not to over eat. I substitute higher calorie/fat foods with lower calorie/fat alternatives. I have also added exercise to my life and regularly take vitamins.

I know it hasn’t been very long, yet every day is an achievement. I feel better, I do not cough, I don’t smell like cigarettes any more. I really love NOT smelling like cigarettes!! I have more energy and actually more time…more time for my family. I don’t take the 20 or so breaks each day to smoke! This has been a very positive experience for me and I would recommend hypnosis for anyone who’s interested in making a positive change in their life.

Angelynn W.
Springfield, IL

The day after my hypnosis session, I was at home putting groceries away and felt very tired. I thought to myself, “I can just go have one cigarette and it will be OK – I’ll wake up and then not have any more.” I started to go smoke and found that my feet wouldn’t move! My body physically would NOT go have a cigarette! I laughed out loud and realized the hypnosis had REALLY WORKED!

Lissa P.
Springfield, IL

In my 29 years, I have never encountered a substance that can have the complete control over your body as nicotine does. I have had the ability in the past to quit many things that were bad for me. Smoking had a grip that I alone could not release. Thanks to PMHC, I can honestly say that it is great to be a non-smoker. Thirteen years of a bad habit defeated in two sessions! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Ritchie J.
Riverton, IL

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